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Afis expo Emilia Marinescu


Vera World Fine Art Festival

Emilia Marinescu is the winner of VIII Vera World Fine Art Festival 2014.

Vera World Fine Art Festival gathers in the same exhibition space consecrated contemporary artists, as well as new talents from around the world. The festival is a strong platform for cultural and artistic exchange in the world of artists, teachers, persons related to art and culture.

This hight educating mission, represents for young gifted artists a good opportunity to present their works before spectators and art judges and gives the deserved masters a possibiility to share their experience and individual style. Each one of the participants worths the admiration  and respect for their talent and fidelity to their gift. This cultural event with such greatness is an important landmark promoting and developing national traditions of different countries.

The competitive program of the Festival, the creative variety, the representation of various types of art, from painting to installation, and the bright and remembered special projects, all these points out to a wide scale and great interest to the Festival.

The trophy is a bronze  statuette that symbolizes belief in creativity, in love and succes, created by a russian sculpture, especially for Vera Art Festival.


ion lazar

The young artist Emilia Marinescu has a complex educational background, old and famous interwar Romanian schools like: complete studies in law, boths economics and arts, in fact her great passion. In easel painting was trained by two great masters of contemporary art and visual artistic pedagogy: Vladimir Zamfirescu and Horea Pastina, in principle very different in plastic vision, coming from two main directions of art education Bucharest - Corneliu Baba, respectively Alexander Ciucurencu. The artist knew with wisdom and patience to deduct and take from each of what was most valuable and, ultimately, what made her the most, combining types of learning for the benefit of creation that practice.

Ion Lazar

v marinescu

The Emilia Marinescu’s universe is the embodiment of a passion. Clearly, her art is the expression of joy, energy and vitality. In any of the genres she manifests: landscape, nude, composition, still life, expresses the feeling that nothing is meaningless in our world. The artist captures approching world details that tempts her with its turmoil, with all the enthusiasm of her youth, longing by color and makes it explode, longing by light and not let it dissipate, aspiring to the healing peace silence of the nature that summarizes.

V. Marinescu

v tatulea

Emilia Marinescu artist rediscovers in nature an inexhaustible formal repertory, a stimulus of creation and the charm of her painting has its source in that hour of chance when she understood how steril may be the convulsive search of novelty, despite naturality. One of Emily's ambitions is to revive in viewer the nostalgia of the nature, mediating its integration of serene into the vastness of the univers. Her painting enrolls into the large postimpressionistic heredity that marked the evolution of Romanian painting until today.

V. Tatulea